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Experienced Data scientist with 3 years of experience developing a wide range of innovative applications like Self Driving car algorithms, Stock Sentiment Analysis, AI Security systems and Customer support system Ability to use (data) statistics and machine learning for finding complex data patterns that drive meaningful impact on the business.

Tech Stacks


Computer vision

Business Insights

Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Conversational Agents

Machine learning

Deep learning


What I Do

Front End Developer

Data Analysis

I will Do Data Analysis and Visualizations on Complex Datasets using pandas python, tableau, PowerBI

Back End Developer

Artificial Intelligence

Utilising ML Techniques,I will solve your problems using A.I , Your problem can be of any topic either related to computer vision, natural language processsing or any other data


Web Developement

As a web depeloper,I can provide you both front-end and back-end services.I will create all type of websites using django-python as backend framework

My Recent Projects


Self Driving Car

Criminal Recognition System

T-Rex Run using Deep learning

Dimond cutter robot data planner

Game gesture control system

Data Analysis

Arabic sign language CNN

Distance between people-Covid

AI Yoga gym trainer

Object recognition on conveyor belt

PC-Control App for handicap

Diet plan generation using AI


Years Experience


Projects Delivered


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